Tiny ‘bramble snout’ fossils found near Wales were ‘weird wonders’ that predated the dinosaurs

About 460 million years ago, bizarre soft-bodied creatures puttered through the depths of an ocean that covered what is now Wales. They propelled themselves with undulating, rounded flaps that waved over pairs of stumpy legs and probed the water with spike-studded snouts. Scientists recently discovered two fossilized specimens of these ancient and peculiar organisms, describing […]

Titanic 12-foot turtle cruised the ocean 80 million years ago, newfound fossils show

An artist’s interpretation of what the newly discovered extinct turtle Leviathanochelys aenigmatica might have looked like. (Image credit: ICRA_Arts) (opens in new tab) Paleontologists have unearthed an extinct, never-before-seen species of giant sea turtle in Spain. The titanic turtle likely had a body length of around 12.3 feet (3.7 meters) — more than double the […]

A megalodon’s powerful jaws cracked the back of its wriggling whale prey, fossils suggest

About 15 million years ago in a warm coastal sea covering what is now southern Maryland, the ocean surface suddenly erupted in a violent upheaval as a shark the size of a five-story building — the mighty and massive megalodon (Otodus megalodon) — launched itself at a whale near the surface, clamping its 250 serrated […]

Rare fossils reveal basketball-like skin on duck-billed dinosaur

Finding a dinosaur fossil with preserved soft tissue is incredibly rare, so when a team of researchers in Alberta, Canada, unearthed a hadrosaur — a duck-billed herbivorous dinosaur — with not only a near-complete skeleton but also with patches of pebbly-textured skin still intact, they knew they had stumbled upon a once-in-a-lifetime discovery. “I’ve never […]

‘Never seen anything like it’: Impeccably preserved Jurassic fish fossils found on UK farm

A farm in England was the unlikely source of a Jurassic jackpot: a treasure trove of 183 million-year-old fossils. On the outskirts of Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds, beneath soil that is currently trampled under the hooves of grazing cattle, researchers recently uncovered the fossilized remains of fish, giant marine reptiles called ichthyosaurs, squids, insects and […]

‘Astonishing’ 500 million-year-old fossils preserved the brain of this creepy 3-eyed predator

What had spiny claws protruding from its mouth, sported a body shaped like a toilet brush and looked as though it slithered off the cover of a sci-fi novel? An ocean predator from the Cambrian period known as Stanleycaris hirpex. Newfound fossils of the bizarre creature are exceptionally complete, preserving the brain, the nervous system […]