The five (and more) human senses

There are five basic human senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. The sensing organs associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us. However, there are in fact  other human senses in addition to the basic five that you couldn’t live without. These lesser-known […]

In a 1st, scientists counted all 10,000 nerve fibers in the human clitoris

The nerve that enables the human clitoris to detect pleasurable touch contains thousands more nerve fibers than once estimated — about 10,000, rather than 8,000. Medical researchers discovered this by doing something that had never been done before: They actually counted the fibers. Previously, it was widely accepted that the clitoris contained about 8,000 nerve […]

Superhighway of ancient human and animal footprints in England provides an ‘amazing snapshot of the past’

Thousands of years ago, a swath of land along what is now the western coast of England served as a superhighway for humans and animals alike. Today, the ebb and flow of each passing tide reveals more of the ancient footprints that these long-gone travelers stamped into the once mud-caked route. Reminders of their travels […]

Desecrated human skulls are being sold on social media in UK’s unregulated bone trade

Human skulls are pierced with coffin nails and human bones are turned into Ouija board pieces; almost nothing is off-limits in the U.K.’s thriving online human remains trade, a Live Science investigation has found. Buying and selling human remains isn’t illegal in the U.K., provided that the body parts sold aren’t used for transplants, and […]