3-bladed arrowhead ‘last touched by Vikings’ revealed by melting ice patch

A melting ice patch in the mountains of Norway has revealed an archaeological surprise: a rare, three-bladed arrowhead used by Vikings more than a millennium ago.  The researchers unearthed the metal weapon while surveying a new site in the Jotunheimen Mountains, a millennium-old Viking hotspot for reindeer hunting located high above the treeline and punctuated […]

Ice age children frolicked in ‘giant sloth puddles’ 11,000 years ago, footprints reveal

More than 11,000 years ago, young children trekking with their families through what is now White Sands National Park in New Mexico discovered the stuff of childhood dreams: muddy puddles made from the footprints of a giant ground sloth. Few things are more enticing to a youngster than a muddy puddle. The children — likely […]

Listeria outbreak that sickened 23 people tied to ice cream brand

A Listeria outbreak that resulted in 22 hospitalizations and one death has been linked to an ice cream brand called Big Olaf Creamery, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced (opens in new tab) July 2. Big Olaf Creamery, based in Sarasota, Florida, is voluntarily contacting stores to “recommend against selling their ice […]

Never-before-seen microbes locked in glacier ice could spark a wave of new pandemics if released

A new study found hundreds of newfound microbes in melting glaciers, some of which could potentially be pathogenic. (Image credit: Shutterstock) (opens in new tab) Stunned scientists have uncovered more than 900 never-before-seen species of microbes living inside glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau. Analysis of the microbes’ genomes revealed that some have the potential to […]