James Webb telescope reveals the ‘bones’ of a distant galaxy in stunning new image

A new photo taken by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has revealed the hidden gaseous “bone” structure of a distant galaxy — and it’s absolutely spectacular. The cosmic knot of gas, dust and stars belongs to the spiral galaxy IC 5332, located in the constellation Sculptor more than 29 million light-years from Earth. As […]

Acid lake atop real-life ‘Mount Doom’ captured in striking new image from space station

An astronaut photograph of Mount Ruapehu taken on Sept. 23, 2021. The highly acidic hydrothermal lake, known as Crater Lake, can be seen  at the summit of the active stratovolcano. (Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory) (opens in new tab) An astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) has snapped a stunning image of a snow-circled […]

Eerie, ripple-like rings around distant star in new James Webb image puzzle astronomers

The James Webb Space Telescope captured mysterious concentric rings around a distant star that astronomers are still working to explain.  The image, taken in July, was released on Twitter (opens in new tab) by citizen scientist Judy Schmidt, prompting a torrent of comments and head-scratching. It shows a star (opens in new tab) known as […]

James Webb telescope snaps mesmerizing image of Cartwheel Galaxy

A stunning new image from the James Webb Space Telescope captures the gorgeous Cartwheel Galaxy in never-before-seen detail. The telescope’s composite image, released Tuesday (Aug. 2) furthers our understanding of the peculiar wheel-like star system. The Cartwheel Galaxy is a chaotic galaxy shrouded in hot dust, 500 million light-years from Earth. And it hides a […]

See the deepest image ever taken of our universe, captured by James Webb Telescope

The first full-color image from the James Webb Space Telescope has been unveiled by NASA and President Joe Biden, and it’s the deepest and and most detailed image of the universe to ever be captured. Named “Webb’s First Deep Field,” the spectacular and mind-bending photo shows our universe only a few hundred million years after […]

New James Webb Space Telescope test image reveals deepest ever glimpse into the infrared universe

An engineering image acquired during testing of one of James Webb Space Telescope’s instruments reveals hundreds of distant galaxies in the deepest ever glimpse into the infrared universe. The image, released by NASA on Wednesday (July 6), was captured by the James Webb Space Telescope (opens in new tab)‘s Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS) over an […]