3,300-year-old cave ‘frozen in time’ from reign of Ramesses II uncovered in Israel

Archaeologists in Israel have discovered an “exceptional” cave that ancient people sealed 3,300 years ago, hiding grave goods and possibly human burials within it, just yards from a beach south of Tel Aviv.  Use of the cave dates to a time when the ancient Egyptians, led by Ramesses II (also spelled Ramses and Rameses) — […]

Traces of opium found in Israeli pottery from 3,500 years ago | Israel

Israeli archaeologists have discovered opium residue in 3,500-year-old pottery pieces, providing evidence to support the theory that the hallucinogenic drug was used in ancient burial rituals. The joint investigation by the Israel Antiquities Authority and Weizmann Institute of Science began in 2012 when excavations in the central Israeli town of Yehud revealed a series of […]

Archaeology’s Neolithic ‘big bang’ moment found in a 9,000-year-old city near Jerusalem

Archaeologists say a huge prehistoric settlement discovered near Jerusalem offers new insight into how civilisations developed around the end of the Stone Age. The 9,000-year-old metropolis — pre-dating both Britain’s Stonehenge and ancient Egypt’s pyramids — was uncovered during a survey before the construction of a new highway, is one of the biggest ever found, […]