King Solomon’s mines were abandoned and became a desert wasteland. Here’s why.

Copper mines in Israel’s Negev Desert — ancient sites that may have inspired the legend of King Solomon’s mines of gold — were abandoned 3,000 years ago, when people there used up all the plants to make charcoal for smelting, a new study finds. The researchers studied fragments of charcoal from ancient furnaces in the […]

15th-century Baltic warship served as a ‘floating castle’ for an intrepid king

A 15th-century royal warship resting off the coast of Sweden once served as a “floating castle” for an intrepid king, according to new underwater investigation that revealed cannons, handguns, crossbows and the vessel’s stern superstructure. The new finds on the wreck of the Gribshunden — the flagship of King Hans (or John) of Denmark until […]

The Lost King review – Frears and Coogan’s Richard III excavation story rewrites its own history | Toronto film festival 2022

This peculiar, tonally uncertain, quirky-solemn-sentimental movie is based on the true story of Philippa Langley, likably played here by Sally Hawkins, the amateur British history enthusiast who in 2012 became globally famous for discovering the remains of Richard III beneath a Leicester car park. By her own account, Langley was a member of the Richard […]

Anavarza Ancient City (Adana)

Adana Anavarza Ancient City, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List and attracts attention with its magnificent entrance gate, castle, theater and walls, is at the center of the attention of tourists. Anavarza Antique City, located in Adana Kozan Dilekkaya and known as tarih invincible city tarih in history, hosts important cultural […]

Who was Tutankhamun?

Without the discovery of his majestic tomb, King Tutankhamun (1341 – 1323 BC) would certainly not be under the pseudonym with the world. The reign of the child king was not remarkable. When he ascended the throne at the age of nine, the country was still in chaos with the decision by his late father, […]