Does the Mediterranean diet reduce dementia risk? 20-year study hints no

A “Mediterranean diet” does not lower the odds of developing dementia, a 20-year study from Sweden suggests.  Previous studies of the potential cognitive benefits of the so-called Mediterranean diet — broadly defined as a diet rich in vegetables, legumes, fruits, fish and unsaturated fats, such as olive oil, and low in dairy, red meats and […]

Neolithic Humans Used Dried Fungi

Some 7,000 years ago, inhabitants of a small settlement at the Early Neolithic waterlogged site of La Draga (Girona, Spain) dried non-edible fungi for use as tinder to light and transport fires. The La Draga site is located on the eastern shore of Lake Banyoles, 22 miles (35 km) from the Mediterranean Sea and 31 miles (50 […]

Mediterranean Sea for Clam Shells

Shell fishing was a common activity of Neanderthals, according to new research led by University of Colorado, Boulder archaeologists. In 1949, archaeologists working at the site of Grotta dei Moscerini, a cave in the Latium region of central Italy, found a large collection of unusual artifacts: 171 shells of the smooth clam (Callista chione) that Neanderthals had […]