‘Completely hypnotic’ donut of cell scaffolding swirls endlessly in mesmerizing new video

A “donut” of mesmerizing, cell-forming microtubules moving in sync is among the top entries in Nikon’s annual microscopic video competition.  Microtubules are proteins that make up the skeleton of a cell. Their movement is normally chaotic, but when restricted to a circular channel, they begin moving together and organize themselves into a coherent flow, according […]

James Webb telescope snaps mesmerizing image of Cartwheel Galaxy

A stunning new image from the James Webb Space Telescope captures the gorgeous Cartwheel Galaxy in never-before-seen detail. The telescope’s composite image, released Tuesday (Aug. 2) furthers our understanding of the peculiar wheel-like star system. The Cartwheel Galaxy is a chaotic galaxy shrouded in hot dust, 500 million light-years from Earth. And it hides a […]