Mysterious ‘nightmare’ shark with unnerving human-like smile dragged up from the deep sea

A deep-sea angler recently reeled in this mysterious shark with bulging eyes, rough skin and an unnervingly human-like smile. (Image credit: Trapman Bermagui) (opens in new tab) A bizarre deep-sea shark with bulging eyes and an unnerving, human-like smile was recently dragged up from the depths off the coast of Australia. Shark experts are uncertain […]

The mysterious history of druids, ancient ‘mediators between humans and the gods’

Druids were religious leaders in what is now Britain and France. They were “philosophers, teachers, judges, the repository of communal wisdoms about the natural world and the traditions of the people, and the mediators between humans and the gods,” Barry Cunliffe, an emeritus professor of European archaeology at the University of Oxford, wrote in his […]

Mysterious ‘blue goo’ at the bottom of the sea stumps scientists

A close-up of one of the mysterious “blue goo” creatures discovered by researchers using an ROV near Saint Croix in the Caribbean. (Image credit: NOAA Ocean Exploration, Voyage to the Ridge 2022) (opens in new tab) Unidentified deep-sea “blue goo” creatures recently left scientists scratching their heads after they spotted the mysterious blobs hanging out […]

Mysterious mineral on Mars was spat out by an explosive eruption 3 billion years ago

Silver-colored dust drilled from a rock by NASA’s Curiosity rover on July 30, 2015. Analysis of the dust revealed it contained the mineral tridymite, which was very unexpected. (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS) (opens in new tab) A mysterious Martian mineral that has perplexed scientists since its discovery seven years ago may have been spat out during […]