Mars’ oldest meteorite traced to strange double impact crater

Researchers have traced the oldest known Martian meteorite to its exact origin point using artificial intelligence (AI), and the findings could help reveal what conditions on our solar system‘s planets were like during  their very first days. The 11-ounce (320 grams) meteorite, officially dubbed Northwest Africa 7034 but commonly known as “Black Beauty,” is believed […]

1.4 million-year-old jawbone may belong to oldest known human relative in Europe

An ancient upper jawbone discovered in Spain reveals the unique facial features of an individual who may be the oldest known ancient human relative in Europe.  A team of paleoanthropologists unearthed the fossil in June at Sima del Elefante (Spanish for “Pit of the Elephant”), an archeological site in the Atapuerca Mountains near the city […]

1.2 billion-year-old groundwater is some of the oldest on Earth

Groundwater that was recently discovered deep underground in a mine in South Africa is estimated to be 1.2 billion years old. Researchers suspect that the  groundwater is some of the oldest on the planet, and its chemical interactions with the surrounding rock could offer new insights about energy production and storage in Earth’s crust. In […]