Electrical zaps can ‘reawaken’ lost neural connections, helping paralyzed people walk again

People with paralyzing spinal cord injuries can walk again with the help of medical devices that zap their nerves with electricity. But the designers of these new implants weren’t completely sure of how they restored motor function over time — now, a new study provides clues.  The new study of humans and lab mice, published […]

In a 1st, two people receive transfusions of lab-grown blood cells

Two people in the U.K. are the first ever to receive transfusions of lab-grown red blood cells. The pair are healthy volunteers in the “Recovery and survival of stem cell originated red cells” (RESTORE) trial, a one-of-a-kind clinical trial taking place at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. The trial will ultimately include at least 10 participants, […]

Rare medieval script discovered on stone carved by Scotland’s ‘Painted People’

Archaeologists and volunteers have discovered a stone bearing a mysterious inscription and carved birds that the Picts of Scotland crafted more than a millennium ago. The cross slab, found in a small cemetery last month, dates to between A.D. 500 and 700, and sheds new light on the historic interaction between heritage and faith in […]

17 people found in a medieval well in England were victims of an antisemitic massacre, DNA reveals

The remains of 17 people, mainly children, found in 2004 during a construction project in Norwich, England, are probably those of medieval Jews massacred for their religion, according to a new study. Genetic analysis of the remains indicates the dead were all Ashkenazi Jews — that is, the descendants of Jews who had established communities […]

Newly-discovered Langya virus infects 35 people in China

An international team of scientists is tracking a newly-identified, potentially dangerous virus that has jumped from animals to humans to infect at least 35 people in northeast China.  The Langya henipavirus, also called “Langya” or “LayV,” was first detected in 2018 in a 53-year-old farmer who sought treatment for a fever at a hospital in […]

Human-like robot tricks people into thinking it has a mind of its own

Study co-author Agnieszka Wykowska pictured with the deceptively “self-aware” robot iCub. (Image credit: Italian Institute of Technology) (opens in new tab) An uncannily human-like robot that had been programmed to socially interact with human companions tricked people into thinking that the mindless machine was self-aware, according to a new study.  The digital deceiver, which the […]