Long-lost ancient mural rediscovered in northern Peru after more than a century | Peru

A team of student archaeologists has rediscovered a 1,000-year-old multicoloured mural depicting a deity surrounded by warriors which was last seen a century ago in northern Peru. Known as the Huaca Pintada, the 30-metre-long wall painted with fantastical images depicting mythical scenes was first found in 1916 by a band of treasure-hunting tomb raiders in […]

76 child sacrifice victims with their hearts ripped out found in Peru

The remains of dozens of child sacrifice victims have been unearthed in Peru, and many more are likely waiting to be found, archaeologists say.  The skeletons show evidence that the children’s hearts were removed, said Gabriel Prieto, an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Florida who directs the excavations at Pampa La Cruz, […]

Stonehenge on ‘most threatened’ world wonders list

Britain’s failure to deal with road traffic around the prehistoric stone circle is condemned as ‘a national disgrace’ The traffic-choked roads still roaring past Stonehenge in Wiltshire have earned the world’s most famous prehistoric monument a place on a list of the world’s most threatened sites. The government’s decision to abandon, on cost grounds, a plan to […]