DeepMind scientists win $3 million ‘Breakthrough Prize’ for AI that predicts every protein’s structure

Scientists from Google DeepMind have been awarded a $3 million prize for developing an artificial intelligence (AI) system that has predicted how nearly every known protein folds into its 3D shape. One of this year’s Breakthrough Prizes in Life Sciences went to Demis Hassabis, the co-founder and CEO of DeepMind, which created the protein-predicting program […]

Tardigrades survive being dried out thanks to proteins found in no other animals on Earth

Tiny tardigrades can survive conditions that would kill most other forms of life. By expelling their body’s water and transforming into a seemingly lifeless ball called a tun, they enter a state of dried-up suspended animation in which they can survive for decades without food and water and withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and even the […]

Artificial intelligence has worked out the structures of 200 million proteins (that’s practically all of them)

The artificial intelligence group DeepMind has unraveled the structures of nearly every protein known to science.  Researchers achieved the feat using the program AlphaFold, which DeepMind first developed in 2018 and released publically in July 2021. The open-source program can predict a protein’s 3D structure from its sequence of amino acids, the building blocks that […]