Shingles infection causes man’s bladder to burst in rare case

A man who developed a shingles infection around the base of his spine suffered from an unusual complication: His bladder ruptured. According to a report of the case, published earlier this year in the journal Infection and Drug Resistance (opens in new tab), the 77-year-old patient had been taking antiviral and pain-relieving medications for his […]

Extremely rare fireball meteor may have sparked a blaze that burned down a California home

An extremely rare fireball meteor impact has been suggested as the possible cause for a recent house fire in California (stock image). (Image credit: Shutterstock) A house that recently burned down in California may have been set ablaze by an extremely rare meteorite impact. Several witnesses saw a spectacular fireball meteor streak across the sky […]

Solar storm smashes hole in Earth’s magnetosphere, triggering extremely rare pink auroras

(Image credit: Markus Varik/Greenlander) An explosion of extremely rare pink auroras recently lit up the night sky above Norway after a solar storm slammed into Earth and ripped a hole in the planet’s magnetic field. The breach enabled highly energetic solar particles to penetrate deeper into the atmosphere than normal, triggering the unusual colored lights. […]

Rare medieval script discovered on stone carved by Scotland’s ‘Painted People’

Archaeologists and volunteers have discovered a stone bearing a mysterious inscription and carved birds that the Picts of Scotland crafted more than a millennium ago. The cross slab, found in a small cemetery last month, dates to between A.D. 500 and 700, and sheds new light on the historic interaction between heritage and faith in […]

Rare diamonds suggest water lurks much deeper in Earth’s interior than scientists thought

A rare type of diamond may suggest that water can penetrate deeper into Earth’s interior than scientists previously thought.  Though more than 70% of our planet is covered with water, there is also water in minerals more than 200 miles (322 kilometers) underground, including in the upper mantle, the semi malleable layer that the crust […]