Ancient Roman penis sculpture could be the largest phallus carving of its kind ever discovered

A massive 18-inch penis sculpture was recently uncovered at an ancient Roman site in Spain. (Image credit: Historical Museum of Nueva Carteya) A girthy stone penis sculpture recently uncovered at an ancient Roman site in Spain measures about 18 inches (46 centimeters) long, which could make it the largest Roman phallus carving ever discovered. The […]

Sacred chickens, witches and animal entrails: 7 unusual ancient Roman superstitions

To modern people, the ancient Romans seem deeply superstitious. Stories abound of their peculiar beliefs, and some have echoes in the traditions of today. Shakespeare’s famous warning by a soothsayer to Julius Caesar of his assassination — “Beware the ides of March” — is still quoted by people today, even if they only vaguely know […]

Life in litter: Mariana Castillo Deball’s remarkable Roman Rubbish | Art

When Mariana Castillo Deball was invited to create an exhibition responding to the Roman relics in London’s Mithraeum collection, it was its local quality and patchy treatment that first struck her. “It’s the opposite of the British Museum, where artefacts have been taken in suspicious circumstances from all over the world,” she says. “In Europe, […]

Hidden ancient Roman ‘Bridge of Nero’ emerges from the Tiber during severe drought

A severe drought in Italy has revealed an archaeological treasure in Rome: a bridge reportedly built by the Roman emperor Nero that is usually submerged under the waters of the Tiber River.  The dropping water levels of the Tiber, which according to Reuters (opens in new tab) is flowing at multi-year lows, have exposed the […]

Ancient sanctuary used by Roman soldiers nearly 2,000 years ago found in the Netherlands

One of the most extensive ancient Roman temple complexes in northern Europe, which includes sacrificial altars used by soldiers on a far frontier of the Roman Empire, has been unearthed in the Netherlands.  The first century A.D. site — known as a temple sanctuary — was located near the fork of the Rhine and Waal […]