Pakistan’s monsoon rains threaten world heritage site of Mohenjo-daro | Pakistan

In flood-stricken Pakistan, where an unprecedented monsoon season has killed hundreds of people, the rains now threaten a famed archaeological site dating back 4,500 years. The ruins of Mohenjo-daro, located in southern Sindh province near the Indus River, and a Unesco world heritage site, are considered among the best preserved urban settlements in south Asia. […]

‘Magical’ rock crystals found at Stone Age ceremonial site in England

Hundreds of fragments of a rare transparent type of quartz called “rock crystal” suggest Neolithic people used the mineral to decorate graves and other structures at a ceremonial site in western England, archaeologists say. The rock crystals were likely brought to the site from a source more than 80 miles (130 kilometers) away, over mountainous […]

37,000-year-old mammoth butchering site may be oldest evidence of humans in North America

An artist’s interpretation of an early human hunting a woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius). (Image credit: Shutterstock) (opens in new tab) A 37,000-year-old mammoth butchering site, uncovered in New Mexico, might be the earliest evidence of humans in North America, controversial research finds. Some of the bones at the site show signs of being handled by […]

Fears over building works at Afghan Buddhas of Bamiyan site | Afghanistan

The Taliban have launched construction work on a tourism complex just metres from the cliff that held the Bamiyan Buddha statues, which archeologists and experts warn could cause permanent damage to the sensitive world heritage site. The project aims to “rebuild” a historic bazaar, which was destroyed in the civil war of the 1990s. Under […]

‘Weird, wonderful’: rare dig at Arthur’s Stone writes new story of neolithic site | Archaeology

High above one of western Britain’s loveliest valleys, the silence is broken by the sound of gentle digging, scraping and brushing, along with bursts of excited chatter as another ancient feature is revealed or a curious visitor stops by to find out what is going on. This summer archaeologists have been granted rare permission to […]

‘Stunning’ Anglo-Saxon burial site found along HS2 route | Archaeology

An Anglo-Saxon burial site containing the remains of more than 140 people interred with some of their most favoured objects, including jewellery, knives and even a personal grooming kit, has been discovered by archaeologists working on the HS2 route. The site, near Wendover, Buckinghamshire, contained a “stunning set of discoveries”, said the historian Dan Snow. […]

Sutton Hoo of the north: £10.4m visitor centre to celebrate Anglo-Saxon site | Archaeology

“Just here would have been the great hall,” says Chris Ferguson to a Guardian reporter and a dozen indifferent sheep chewing grass in a stunning Northumberland valley. “Over there would have been the royal residence and behind that, a grandstand. We are on top of one of the most important sites of Anglo-Saxon history anywhere […]