Scientists dismiss Coyote Peterson’s ‘large primate skull’ discovery as fake

A “large primate skull” was allegedly found in British Columbia by American YouTuber Coyote Peterson, according to social media (opens in new tab) posts (opens in new tab) he shared on Thursday (July 7). In those posts, Peterson wrote that he had hid the discovery “for several weeks” from government officials and any others who […]

Giant meat-eating dinosaur had a fancy skull and wee arms like T. rex

A newfound species of carnivorous dinosaur had disproportionately small arms, suggesting that this particular anatomical quirk — shared by the mighty but flimsy-armed Tyrannosaurus rex — may have been more common among large predatory dinosaurs than previously thought. The newly described species, Meraxes gigas, is named after the dragon Meraxes in the fantasy fiction series […]