Stunning video captures a virus on the verge of breaking into a cell

The eerily random path of a virus poised to attack has been caught on video.  Using a new microscopy technique, researchers at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina have visualized a virus bouncing around the intestinal lining, looking for entry into a cell.  To use a home-invasion metaphor, the moment captured on video “would be […]

Ancient Etruscans prayed at sacred hot springs, stunning statues reveal

Archaeologists in Italy have unearthed more than two dozen 2,000-year-old bronze statues, many of which are impeccably preserved in millennia of mud, alongside thousands of coins left there by Romans and Etruscans, a mysterious people who once ruled parts of the Italian Peninsula and whose language has yet to be deciphered. Since 2019, archaeologists have […]

NASA’s asteroid-deflection mission is a smashing success, shortens space rock’s orbit by a stunning 32 minutes

A spacecraft that smashed into a small asteroid two weeks ago has redirected the space rock’s orbit around its larger partner by a stunning 32 minutes — even better than NASA engineers has predicted. The results are great news for humanity’s first test of its planetary defense system.  On Sept. 26, the Double Asteroid Redirection […]

‘Hell fish’ likely killed by dinosaur-ending asteroid is preserved in stunning detail

Just beneath the scrubby plains of southern North Dakota at the site of an ancient riverbed, paleontologists are hard at work digging up the end of the world as the dinosaurs knew it.  Now, they’ve discovered two newfound species of 66 million-year-old sturgeon that lived and died alongside dinosaurs, preserved as fossils in exquisite three-dimensional […]

1 million-mile-long plasma plume shoots out of the sun in stunning photo

A false-color composite image of a coronal mass ejection, measuring around 1 million miles in length, firing away from the sun on Sept. 24. (Image credit: Andrew McCarthy/@cosmic_background) (opens in new tab) An astrophotographer has captured a hauntingly beautiful image of a massive plume of plasma shooting out of the sun. The fiery filament, known […]

James Webb telescope reveals the ‘bones’ of a distant galaxy in stunning new image

A new photo taken by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has revealed the hidden gaseous “bone” structure of a distant galaxy — and it’s absolutely spectacular. The cosmic knot of gas, dust and stars belongs to the spiral galaxy IC 5332, located in the constellation Sculptor more than 29 million light-years from Earth. As […]

Stunning ‘sunglint’ turns the sea’s surface into a swirling silver mirror

This photo taken by an astronaut on the International Space Station shows a “sunglint” that has transformed the sea surrounding a pair of Greek islands into a swirling silver mirror. (Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory) (opens in new tab) An astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) recently snapped a stunning photograph of a “sunglint” […]

Stunning reconstruction of Jurassic salamander fossil reveals skull’s weirdness in 3D

The 3D reconstruction of the skull trapped inside a rock, which belongs to the newfound species Mamorerpeton wakei.  (Image credit: Marc Jones) (opens in new tab) A bizarre, newly discovered species of ancient salamander recently received a digital makeover. Researchers used X-ray images to create a 3D model of the animal’s oddly shaped skull, which […]