Hundreds of mummies and pyramid of an unknown queen unearthed near King Tut’s tomb

Just a stone’s throw from King Tut‘s tomb, archaeologists have unearthed the pyramid of a never-before known ancient Egyptian queen; a cache of coffins, mummies and artifacts; and  a series of interconnected tunnels. For the past two years, archaeologists have been working at Saqqara, an archaeological site in Giza, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south […]

Falcon shrine with cryptic message unearthed in Egypt baffles archaeologist

The falcon imagery seen at the falcon shrine at Berenike could signify a number of deities.This falcon sculpture is from Edfu, a city on the Nile south of Luxor. (Image credit: Photography by Ulrich Hollmann via Getty Images) Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a 1,700-year-old “falcon shrine,” complete with the remains of 15 headless falcons […]

1,600-year-old mosaic of Hercules and Neptune’s 40 mistresses unearthed in war-torn Syria

Archaeologists in war-torn Syria have unearthed a stunning mosaic from the Roman era that features events from the Trojan War, the chiseled muscles of the Roman demigod Hercules and the powerful ancient Roman god Neptune alongside 40 of his mistresses.   The General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums, a Syrian government agency, discovered the 65.5-foot-long […]

Archaeologists hail ‘dream discovery’ as sarcophagus is unearthed near Cairo | Archaeology

It has lain within a burial chamber, undisturbed, for thousands of years. Now a remarkable Egyptian sarcophagus has emerged from deep beneath the sands near Cairo, to the excitement of archaeologists, who describe it as a hugely significant “dream discovery”. The giant granite sarcophagus is covered in inscriptions dedicated to Ptah-em-wia, who headed the treasury […]

Armored Cambrian ‘worm’ that looks like a toilet scrub brush unearthed in China

An artist reconstruction of Wufengella bengtsoni. (Image credit: Illustration made by Roberts Nicholls, (opens in new tab) A bristly armored “worm” that scuttled across ocean reefs 518 million years ago is the ancestor to three aquatic animal groups that today live very different lifestyles, and it offers new clues about the explosion of diverse […]