‘Completely hypnotic’ donut of cell scaffolding swirls endlessly in mesmerizing new video

A “donut” of mesmerizing, cell-forming microtubules moving in sync is among the top entries in Nikon’s annual microscopic video competition.  Microtubules are proteins that make up the skeleton of a cell. Their movement is normally chaotic, but when restricted to a circular channel, they begin moving together and organize themselves into a coherent flow, according […]

Watch a cannibal alligator chomp down on another gator in jaw-dropping video

On Aug. 4, Port Charlotte resident Tammy Shaw was paddleboarding in Silver Springs State Park in Florida, when she discovered a gruesome scene of cannibalism and carnage. A sizable alligator crouched in the spring just a short distance from Shaw’s inflatable boat, and clasped in its jaws was the limp body of another alligator — […]

Rare and bizarre tentacle-trailing sea creature caught on video, expedition scientist’s ‘mind is blown’

New footage showing a giant, peculiar-looking tentacled sea creature floating languidly in the depths of the Pacific Ocean has left researchers questioning if what they’re seeing is a new species. A team of scientists spotted the strange animal while on board the E/V Nautilus, a research vessel used by the Ocean Exploration Trust — a […]

Wreck of 340-year-old sunken Royal Navy warship discovered off Norfolk coast – video | Science

The wreck of a Royal Navy warship that sank in 1682 while carrying the future King James Stuart has been identified off the coast of Norfolk. The wreckage of HMS Gloucester was actually found in 2007 by two brothers, Julian and Lincoln Barnwell, following a four-year search that covered an area of more than 5,000 nautical […]