Early-medieval woman was buried with a rare item: a metal folding chair

Coins, weaponry, jewels and other valuables are often found in the ancient burials of prominent people, but archaeologists recently discovered a truly rare grave good: a metal folding chair. Constructed of an iron frame, the medieval chair measures approximately 28 by 18 inches (70 by 45 centimeters) when folded and was found by a team […]

Look into the eyes of a Stone Age woman in this incredibly lifelike facial reconstruction

You can view the virtually reconstructed face of a woman who lived about 5,700 years ago in what is now Malaysia, now that researchers have put a face to a person whose full identity remains a mystery. A team of archaeologists from the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) discovered the skeleton, which they dubbed the “Penang […]

1,000 years ago, a woman was buried in a canoe on her way to the ‘destination of souls’

Up to 1,000 years ago, mourners buried a young woman in a ceremonial canoe to represent her final journey into the land of the dead in what is now Patagonia, a new study finds.  The discovery reaffirms ethnographic and historical accounts that canoe burials were practiced throughout pre-Hispanic South America and refutes the idea that […]

Hidden Van Gogh self-portrait discovered under ‘peasant woman’ painting

Conservators at the National Galleries of Scotland recently experienced quite a surprise after they X-rayed a painting by Vincent van Gogh. Hidden on the reverse side of the painting “Head of a Peasant Woman (opens in new tab),” which Van Gogh completed in 1885, was a previously unknown self-portrait of the Dutch painter staring back […]

1,600-year-old Anglo-Saxon cemetery holds speared man and wealthy woman

A wealthy pagan burial ground, dating from the first years of the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain during the fifth century A.D., has been uncovered near London ahead of a high-speed rail project, known as High Speed 2 (HS2). The new discoveries, which include more than 100 skeletons, are among the most important archaeological finds made […]

‘Genetic fossil’: intact DNA from woman who lived 7,200 years ago discovered in Indonesia | Archaeology

Archaeologists have discovered ancient DNA in the remains of a woman who died 7,200 years ago in Indonesia, a find that challenges what was previously known about migration of early humans. The remains, belonging to a teenager nicknamed Bessé, were discovered in the Leang Panninge cave on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Initial excavations were […]