Stupendous sharks: The biggest, smallest and strangest sharks in the world

Introduction  It’s Shark Week: Time to celebrate all that is toothy, finned, and leather-skinned. The Discovery Channel’s annual week of shark programming starts July 24 (you can sink your teeth into all the sharky goodness with our Shark Week streaming guide). In honor of these incredible creatures, we’ve rounded up a list of shark superlatives. […]

7 famous mummies and secrets they’ve revealed about the ancient world

Humans have long envisioned the continuation of life past death. Ancient Egyptians, for example, are famous for their elaborate funerary rituals and beliefs about the afterlife. But the practice of deliberately preserving bodies extends possibly 3,500 years earlier than the mummies of ancient Egypt. And mummies buried with riches and personal objects are found all […]

Can minds persist when they are cut off from the world?

Could a brain ever exist on its own, divorced from or independent of a body? For a long time, philosophers have pondered such “brain-in-a-vat” scenarios, asking whether isolated brains could maintain consciousness when separated from their bodies and senses. Typically, a person’s experiences are characterized by a web of interactions between the human brain, body […]