Second ancient canoe – this one 3,000 years old – found in Wisconsin lake | Wisconsin

A 3,000-year-old canoe has been found in Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin, less than a year after another historical canoe dating back more than a millennium was discovered in the same body of water. An archaeologist found the artifact in pieces before it was recovered from the lake last Thursday in collaboration with Wisconsin’s Native […]

50 million tons of water vapor from Tonga’s eruption could warm Earth for years

More than eight months after the underwater volcano near Tonga erupted on Jan. 14, scientists are still analyzing the impacts of the violent blast, and they’re discovering that it could warm the planet. Recently, researchers calculated that the eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apa spewed a staggering 50 million tons (45 million metric tons) of water […]

Traces of opium found in Israeli pottery from 3,500 years ago | Israel

Israeli archaeologists have discovered opium residue in 3,500-year-old pottery pieces, providing evidence to support the theory that the hallucinogenic drug was used in ancient burial rituals. The joint investigation by the Israel Antiquities Authority and Weizmann Institute of Science began in 2012 when excavations in the central Israeli town of Yehud revealed a series of […]

Lion-size otters prowled Ethiopia 3 million years ago

An illustration of the extinct giant otter called Enhydriodon omoensis. (Image credit: Sabine Riffaut/PALEVOPRIM/Université de Poitiers/CNRS) (opens in new tab) The fossilized remains of a gigantic, lion-size otter that lived alongside early humans have been unearthed in Ethiopia, a new study finds.  The species, named Enhydriodon omoensis, lived about 3.5 million to 2.5 million years […]

Oldest medical amputation on record was performed on a Stone Age child in Borneo 31,000 years ago

About 31,000 years ago, a skilled prehistoric surgeon cut off the lower leg of a child hunter-gatherer in Borneo. Now, archaeologists have concluded that this ancient surgery is the earliest medical amputation on record.  The skill of the Stone Age surgeon was admirable; the patient went on to live an additional six to nine years […]