The 4th Century Mosaic Output in Illicit Digging

Illicit digging in the area of the protected area in Sanliurfa, mosaic floor estimated to belong to the 4th century was found.

The mosaic with human and animal figures was found in the basement of the construction, which is being built in an area close to the Mosaic Museum in Haleplibahçe in Şanlıurfa.

Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch of the Provincial Police Department teams, near the Sanliurfa Museum as a protected area in the region has been declared an illegal operation on the notice held in the operation.

Mosaic Museum in the vicinity of Balikligol raiding the address close to the teams, the basement of the house under construction has identified the pit covered with debris. Teams entering the pit, 2 rooms in the tunnel of 4 square meters of human and animal figures in the base of the mosaic found. 2 suspects were caught with various excavation materials during a search in the area where a part of the mosaic was destroyed.

Two suspects who were involved in illegal operation were detained. Two shovels, diggers, drills and drills used by the suspects in excavation were confiscated.

A mosaic measuring 280 × 280 centimeters was found on the floor of a burial chamber through the tunnel in the basement of the house under construction.

It was learned that the family members of that period were depicted with clothes in the mosaic which was evaluated to belong to the 4th century.

The mosaic, which was taken under protection, experts found that the work was similar to the mosaics from the 5th or 6th centuries BCE in the Mosaic Museum.

The mosaics on the floor of the building where the construction work was stopped continue to be examined.

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