The Apple Mosaic in Amasya will be exhibited at the Museum

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An exhibition space is being prepared in the museum for approximately 1,800 years old apple mosaic in Amasya.

The mosaic was found at Amasya’s Yavru Village, has a symbol of an apple [Credit: AA]
In 2014, in the rescue excavation in the illegal excavation area near Yavru village in the center of Amasya, a 1,800-year-old temple and a 20 square meter wide mosaic with a 1.5 square meter apple tree figure in the middle were found.

After the mosaic was unearthed, it was taken under protection in the museum depot. However, as a result of the works started last year and the activities that have been carried out for about six months, this mosaic and the mosaics around it go through the restoration and repair process.

The mosaic was found at Amasya’s Yavru Village, has a symbol of an apple [Credit: AA]
Governor Osman Varol, who examined the works related to the exhibition of mosaic at the Amasya Archeology Museum, said, “This is a laborious task, a multi-dimensional issue. You have to do different exercises at different times, and then rest the parts you are working on. However, we have come to the final stage of the work. We made a physical change inside our museum. With this physical change, we have created a pool environment where this can be displayed. “The team is still working,” he says.

After the restoration process of the missing pieces is completed, the mosaic will be presented to the Amasya Archeology Museum.

The mosaic was found at Amasya’s Yavru Village, has a symbol of an apple [Credit: AA]
Governor Varol said, “Our Amasya is the city that has hosted many civilizations. Among these civilizations is the Roman civilization, which is important worldwide. We are talking about the 1700- 1800 year old mosaic. The fact that this mosaic has an apple tree reveals that it describes a city known as the famous apple in the past as much as the generations can remember. As the city, which has been identified with the famous cluster apple and eventually received its geographical indication and patent, we think that in our province, 1700- 1800 years ago, apple was an important tree and an important product showing that it was an important product. We believe that the visitors will show great interest to this work when it starts to be exhibited as a result of the works here. We hope that the operations here will end completely from the 4th month, especially when our touristic movement has increased a lot. ”


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