The Great War: World War I, 1914-1918

(Image: © National Archives)

America Enters World War I

Though neutral during the first half of World War I, American attitudes shifted and by 1917, U.S. forces were gathering at Fort Dix, New Jersey (see photo), and elsewhere.

The War Awaits

For most American troops, England was their first stop before entering the war on the European continent. Here, American soldiers leave England and head toward the front lines.

King George V Visits Troops

King George of England speaks with Scottish troops stationed in France during World War I in this undated photograph.

British Soldier at Ease

An unnamed British soldier plays with a small Belgian child in Adinkerke, Belgium, in this undated photograph.

The Harlem Hellfighters

The 369th Infantry Regiment, also known as the Harlem Hellfighters for their fierce courage in battle, were a largely African-American regiment from New York. Several members were awarded the French Croix de Guerre for bravery in action.

Trench Warfare

During World War I, trench warfare was used throughout Europe. Here, an Allied officer leads troops near Arras, France, while German shells burst overhead.

World War I Hospital

Doctors struggled to keep up with advances in weaponry during World War I. Here, medics attend to a wounded soldier in France.

Caring for the Wounded

The American Red Cross was active throughout Europe during World War I. Here, Mary Withers offered water to wounded British soldiers in France, 1918.

A Break in the Battle

In this 1918 photograph, YMCA workers serve hot chocolate to troops near St. Eugene, France.

Honoring the Dead

In 1918, King George V of England paid his respects at an American cemetery near St. Quentin Canal, France.

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