Tomb of Cleopatra

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Between 305 BC and 30 BC, VII. Cleopatra was the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom. Much is known about her intelligence, her beauty and her romantic relationships (both having children from Julius Caesar and Mark Antony), but her burial remains a mystery.

Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius committed suicide together when they defeated their former allies Octavian during the Battle of Actium in 31 BC. And the two were buried in an area near the temple of the Egyptian goddess Isis, which the author Plutarch (45-120 AD) called a “noble and beautiful” monument. But the exact location of the tomb is still a mystery. According to archaeologists, even if the beloved’s grave was found, the grave was likely to be empty, as the grave robbery was not unusual in ancient times.


QUEEN (69 BC – 30 BC)

Cleopatra, King of Egypt XIII. She was the daughter of Ptolemy Auletes, and after her father’s death, BC. 51 XIV. By marrying Ptolemy, Egypt came to the throne.

B.C. In 48, under the pressure of his brother fled to Syria. Here, an army brought together and returned to Egypt in the same year. Caesar was determined to connect Egypt to Rome by using rivalry between the two brothers, first reconciling the two brothers. XIV. Although Ptolemy besieged Caesar who lived with him in his palaces in Alexandria, he could not stand Caesar who received military aid from Bergama and drowned in the Nile while fleeing. Caesar later, her other brother XIV. He married Ptolemeios and took the throne again.

As a result of his marriage with Caesar. He had a son named Caserion in 47. B.C. In 46 he went to Rome. B.C. 44 Caesar died and returned to Alexandria.

After Caesar’s death, Cleopatra, who had an affair with Marcus Antonius, the strong man of Rome, had two children. Antonius, BC When he was defeated in the Part Expedition on the 36th, he returned to him. This time, Antonius BC. He won the Eastern Anatolia campaign in 34 and returned to Alexandria. He celebrated the victory with festivals in Alexandria.

As a result of the power battle between Caesar’s nephew Octavian and Antonius in Rome, the combined navy of Antonius and Cleopatra was defeated in the naval battle over the Gulfs of Actium in Greece. Cleopatra and Antonius returned to Alexandria. Octavius followed them. When the army moved to Octavian’s side, Antonius committed suicide and, like Antonius, he died.

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