Tutankhamen’s Hidden Dagger

It was found that the dagger of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen was made of an extraterrestrial substance. The dagger may have been made from a meteorite.

Researchers announced that the rate of nickel and cobalt in the dagger next to the mummy of the pharaoh, who died at a young age, was not from this world.

While the dagger may have been made of a meteorite, the flow of tourists to the pyramids in Egypt continues to be a mystery.

This news was greeted with great enthusiasm by the circles who claimed that the Pyramids were made by aliens.

“Our study proves that ancient Egypt attaches great value to meteor iron in the production of valuable objects,” the scientists found the dagger to the right of the mummy.

Tutankhamen died in 1924, after being ruled for 9 years in 1324 BC.

His grave was discovered in 1922 by the English Egyptian scientist Howard Carter.

Meteor iron was highly valued in ancient cultures. It is reported that the Inuit people of Greenland made tools made of meteor iron, the ancient Buddhist statue called Iron Man and two bracelets and an ax found in archaeological excavations in Poland were made of meteor iron.

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