Why do Australian fires that have not been extinguished for four months originate?

Forest fires in Australia have been going on since September. The balance sheet is too heavy. Millions of hectares have been burned, thousands of houses burned. While the loss of 25 lives, the World Wildlife Foundation said that the number of animals died exceeding 1.25 billion. This bitter disaster recalled a fact: Climate change …

On Monday, the temperature of the rain was lowered to the areas affected by the fire. However, authorities expect temperatures to rise again since Thursday, warning that new fires may arise. Information from Australia shows that the fire’s balance sheet is very heavy.


WWF: 1.25 billion animals lost their lives

8 million hectares of land disappeared.

On the way back to ashes about 2,000 homes, many towns have to live without electricity and internet connection. At least 800 homes have been evicted since September.

According to the Australian Insurance Agency’s estimate, the loss exceeded Australia’s $ 700 million (US $ 485 million) and is expected to increase even more. Australian Emergency Situations Minister Lisa Neville announced that 67,000 people have been evacuated in Victoria. About a thousand tourists were taken from the coast by the Australian navy announced.

Speaking to the British Times newspaper environmental officials, according to the calculations so far estimated that at least 480 million animals died in fires, he said. One third of the Koala population is thought to have lost their lives. According to environmental experts, a total of 8,000 koala may have lost their lives.

WWF: Australia, in its latest statement, said that 1.25 billion animals estimate that they lost their lives in direct fires or fires.

The biggest cause of fires is extremely hot

Although Australia is accustomed to fires in the summer months, temperatures and droughts seen above normal this year have made the fires more severe.

Although the human factor is sometimes effective in the emergence of fires, fires start with the flashing of lightning on dry agricultural areas.

Once the fires have started, the embers emerge from the burning of the grass, spreading with the wind, endangering other areas.

Grass-firing fires create thunderstorms, which cause lightning and more fires.

This creates the effect of a volcano eruption or an atomic bomb, causing fires to create their own storms.

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