Wreck of second world war landing craft found off Wales after 78 years

Experts locate LCT 326, 100 miles from where Admiralty thought it sank in 1943

The wreck believed to be LCT 326, which apparently broke apart in heavy seas. Photograph: Bournemouth University/Bangor University

Marine scientists have discovered the wreck of a second world war landing craft off the Welsh coast 100 miles from where the Admiralty believed it had sunk.

The vessel, known as Landing Craft Tank (LCT) 326, was lost with 14 crew on board in February 1943, and was thought to have hit a mine or run into bad weather off the Isle of Man.

But experts from Bangor and Bournemouth universities believe they have found the missing vessel in 90 metres (300 feet) of water much further south off Bardsey Island in north Wales.

LCT 326 was one of a type of vessel designed to land armoured vehicles during amphibious operations such as D-day. It was built in Middlesbrough and launched in April 1942.

The vessel was designed to land tanks during amphibious operations such as D-day.

In the winter of 1943, the ship was part of a transit cruise from Troon, Ayrshire, to Appledore, Devon. The weather was heavy and the flotilla made slow progress.

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